*We give out gifts that are equivalent to the amount you spent on the rental value wise!

For example, if you spend 55 dollars on scooter rental with us, we will give you a backpack that is worth 55 dollars. We have various types of gifts you can choose from

, we have caps, power banks, electric kettle boiler, golden stainless steel silverware etc.! You can find out which gifts you can win and pick out what you want at 702-997-0109!

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Travel around las Vegas safely and comfortably without walking. Rapid Scooter promise will always have the best customers experience every scooter you rent we will make sure it’s under 1 year and will have a professional mechanic regularly maintenance.

According to the Nevada State law and DMV regulate the speed limit is under 35mph.

Require: A valid driver’s license(Yes!That’s all you need!)

                        We will offer a 10 mins lesson teach you how to ride! Simply and easy! And it’s FREE!

            Deposit require(a valid credit/debit card on file)(we will protect your and will not save your personal information)


WHAT’S included:

                        A 10 mins free lesson before you hits on the road

                        A Helmet

                        A locks

                        Friendly customers service


 All rentals are final sales without refunds.

Customers can reschedule from 24 to 48 hours.

Car Features

Two Seater
Fun to Ride
Please select days or hours
1 Days: $85 $58
3 Hours: $55 $38

Book 2 days or more call 702-997-0109 for more promotion
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$85 $58 / 1 Days
$55 $38 / 3 Hour